The Nordic Best oil is processed within 75 minutes after removal from the Ocean.

The salmon pieces are processed either through a mill or directly into a slurry and then held in a buffer tank.

As per EU Regulation, the salmon slurry is flash pasteurised to terminate enzymatic activity and maintain microbial stability. The flash pasteurization has the advantage of low temperatures (less than 90°C) for short durations (2 minutes).

The pasteurized salmon slurry is then mechanically fractionated using a Tricanter. This machine separates the fish slurry into three streams, solids, water and salmon oil. This is a 100% mechanical process, where the two liquids are separated according to their different densities.

A final filtration removes any suspended particles and moisture. The antioxidant (0,17%) is blended into the Nordic Best and then the oil is packed and stored at -20°C.

No Heat and No Chemicals

The entire process is carried out without overheating so as to avoid oxidation and prevent the valuable omega3 fatty acids turning rancid.

A special antioxidant concentrate is also added to the oil, as an extra insurance against oxidation and rancidity.

Traceability has top priority at Nordlaks. The oil can therefore be traced all the way back to the “parent fish”. This is the first fish oil product on the market with 100% traceability at all stages!

Virgin Salmon Oil from Nordlaks

The Salmon fisheries are in the northern part of Norway under the influence of the North Atlantic, and the cold, clear waters of the Arctic. Here, in the northern Artic Circle, you will find Nordlaks; the manufacturers of the raw material that is used in our Virgin Salmon Oil.

Fresh Arctic seawater, strong ocean currents and low water temperatures create the ideal conditions for Nordlaks’ to harvest and press our Virgin Salmon Oil.

Nordlaks’ focus on the welfare of the fish and the clean environment the Salmon live in. A balanced number of fish in each sea cage, correct feeding and frequent and thorough checks which results in healthy and fresh fish with the right amount of omega3 without environmental toxins. 100% natural, fresh and pure fish oil produced in a nitrogen-protected atmosphere only one hour after the salmon is pulled out of the water.